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The construction process of Silvretta spa

Follow every step of the construction works

If you let your gaze wander across the many pools, saunas and bars of Silvretta spa, you might wonder how a construction project of this enormous scale first started out.

A 1,000-square-metre pool area, a 1,500-square-metre sauna area, a heated outdoor panoramic pool, there’s even an ice rink running around the building’s entire circumference ... It’s obvious that a project of this size isn’t completed over night. After all, every construction phase was carried out with diligence, expertise and attention to detail.

Nevertheless, construction works on Ischgl’s Silvretta spa always progressed smoothly. Would you like to take a look behind the scenes of the construction process? Be our guest: Join us for a tour of the construction site and see how Silvretta spa grew to be the impressive building it is today!

Ground-breaking ceremony

5 September 2019

The adventure begins: September 2019 saw the starting shot for a project of an unprecedented dimension in Ischgl. Drum roll for Ischgl’s new spa with a pool area, sauna area and gym! At the ground-breaking ceremony in autumn 2019, preparations took place for the drilling of the geothermal probes and wells.

Construction works progress

Autumn 2019

Excavators were running, and earth was being moved: As part of the civil engineering and shotcrete works, Silvretta spa was already taking form. Before the start of the winter, excavation pits were being secured.

Arrival of machinery for well drilling

November 2019

Big things are happening! The arrival of the machinery for well drilling constituted another important step in the spa’s construction works. Total weight of the machinery: 85 tons.

Works are resumed after the winter break

June 2020

In early summer 2020, construction works on Ischgl’s Silvretta spa were taken up again after the winter break. From June until November, a lot was happening at the building site. Cranes and other machinery were working all hours, and the outside of the building was taking shape too.

An eventful summer begins

June 2021

After the well and thermal probe drillings, detail works started in the summer of 2021. The last civil engineering works were being completed, and interior, installation and drywall works began.

Bridge assembly

July 2021

The arrival of the 48-ton special crane signified the start of the last major preliminary construction section of Silvretta spa. The two big connecting elements between the building parts were assembled, and further roofing works and interior fittings were underway.

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