Cancellation insurance

Information on travel cancellation insurance

Your booked ticket in the Silvretta Spa is automatically covered by cancellation insurance

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You will automatically receive a cancellation insurance for presale tickets, you will receive all the necessary documents for this in your confirmation mail when you purchase the tickets, specifically: a policy from Allianz insurance.

The insurance is valid for all guests from the EU and Switzerland. People with cancellation cases from another country of origin please contact

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Cancellation of your booking due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, accident or quarantine. All cancellation reasons are fully stated in the insurance conditions.

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No insurance cover is provided for damage resulting from the following events:

Impairment due to alcohol, addictive poisons or medication; damage already incurred or expected at the time of booking or commencement of the trip; civil unrest/ war events/ terror, strike, participation in violence of any kind; suicide or attempted suicide; official orders; ionizing radiation or nuclear energy; motor sport competitions; epidemics and pandemics; natural disasters; seismic phenomena or weather conditions; embargoes, economic-financial or trade sanctions; withdrawal of the organizer from the contract; planned/ contemplated medical interventions; delayed healing; spa permits; damages caused by gross negligence or intentionally.

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No, there are no coverage restrictions.

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The insurer is Allianz Partners (AWP P&C S.A., branch for Austria).

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The insured person is obliged to:

  • Keep the damage as low as possible and to report it immediately
  • Truthfully explain the event causing the damage and to provide full evidence of it   
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The cancellation protection begins with the conclusion of the insurance contract for the booked ticket (booking confirmation) and ends with the passing of the gates in the Silvretta Spa.

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Via the application form that was delivered as an attachment along with the mail of your booking.

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