Massages at the Silvretta Therme in Ischgl

Relax in the best of hands

If you ever enjoyed a professional massage, you know that it will leave your body feeling completely reborn. However, a good massage can do even more than “just” feel wonderful. Experienced hands can relieve tension and help to alleviate pain.

At the wellness area of Silvretta spa, you can choose from a variety of different massages. Whether you opt for a full-body massage or partial body treatment: Our experts all work with high-quality products and are happy to tell you more about our offers.

Our massages

Massages possible from 1st of July

Book your massage by phone +43 5444 606 444
  • full-body massage (50 min)
EUR 84
  • partial body massage
    (25 min)
EUR 49
  • head and face massage
    25 min)
EUR 48
  • reflexology (50 min)
EUR 84
  • Aroma therapy massage
    (50 min)
EUR 90

All massages are performed by our two masseurs (both male) after careful preliminary discussion.

Sports massages and therapeutic massages at the medical spa

In addition to the massages offered at our wellness area, you can also book sports massages and therapeutic massages at our medical spa. At our in-house practice, physiotherapist Reto Cotrozo will work with you to improve your mobility.

A convenient extra: The physiotherapy practice at Silvretta spa offers direct billing to all major Austrian health insurance providers, with no extra costs for you as a patient.

Physiotherapy at Silvretta spa

Wellsystem water massages

At our spa area, water plays an important role too – for instance during our various full- or partial body massages based on waterpower. During these massages, warm water jets hit the underside of the soft natural rubber surface of your massage bed in even movements. The advantage: You can enjoy the massage fully clothed – without having to change clothes or shower afterwards.

In addition, you can enjoy underwater massages with pressure jets at Ischgl’s Silvretta spa. This therapeutic, 20-minute full- or partial body treatment is especially suitable for older adults with back pain, but also for younger sports enthusiasts.