Fitness at Silvretta Therme Ischgl

Becoming and Staying Active and Fit

Holiday guests and locals alike can discover a 320-square-meter high-end fitness area in Ischgl's thermal spa oasis, under the expert guidance of Stefan Schank. Equipped with cutting-edge training devices from milon, Skillcourt, and Sensopro, Silvretta Therme stands out as the top destination for health-conscious individuals.

However, traditional weightlifting is not the focus here; instead, the emphasis is on bodyweight training and modern stretching techniques.

Important to note: Access to the fitness center is not included in the thermal or sauna admission.

For onboarding appointments and fitness subscriptions, please book by phone at +43 5444 606 446

The gym is already exklusively opened for our existing customers.
Enjoy exclusive access through our separate entrance.
Not a customer? No problem! Book your onboarding and personal training starting June 6th from 10:00 to 19:00 by calling +43 5444 606 446.
One month of fitness for just 61 EUR | Special offer: Training until November 27th for only 250 EUR!
Prices for fitness

High-End Fitness Area

Your Workout Experience at Silvretta Therme Ischgl

Health-Focused Fitness Training: Our spacious gym is equipped with state-of-the-art milon devices. These devices, digital and fully connected, are the top choice for enhancing your strength and flexibility. Whether it's free training or circuit workouts, you can precisely track your progress using our app. Additional equipment from Skillcourt and Sensopro provides variety and active challenges.

Prices for Fitness

The Fitness Equipment at Silvretta Therme

Leading Brands for Targeted Training

Fitness enthusiasts at Silvretta Therme in Paznaun can enjoy state-of-the-art fully digital equipment from renowned brands. The following devices form the foundation for individual training success:


Strength and Endurance Training

At milon, the focus is primarily on two things: strength and flexibility. The professional strength and endurance equipment from the brand excels in these areas. At Silvretta Therme Ischgl, you can choose between two different options. The open training 'milon Q free' is perfect for individual strength and endurance training, while the circuit training 'milon Q circuit' will make you fit in about 30 minutes following a predefined sequence. Particularly convenient: you can monitor your progress entirely digitally through the app.


Active Stretching

While passive stretching is common, Silvretta Therme takes a modern approach to active muscle length training with the FIVE stretching system. Unlike traditional stretching, this equipment demands simultaneous muscle activation. By applying this stimulus, the muscle learns a new movement pattern and can be brought back to its original length. FIVE is not only ideal for warm-ups but also a perfect complement to training with milon equipment.


Playful Muscle Training

Multidimensional Development Instead of Unilateral Strain: Following this motto, Skillcourt integrates cardiovascular, muscle, and brain training. Both cognitive and motor skills are specifically targeted, with a significant focus on the playful aspect of training. Speed, vision, knowledge, intelligence, motor skills – Skillcourt combines all these aspects of training with high enjoyment. Progress in training truly becomes 'child's play.


Effective Coordination Training

Those looking to enhance their coordination under stress will appreciate Sensopro. Its unique device design allows for straightforward, effective, and appealing coordination training. The special 'cage' challenges stabilizing muscles and enables three-dimensional training, providing an ideal foundation for strength and endurance exercises at various levels of intensity. Additionally, Sensopro Luna Physio assists in optimal rehabilitation after injuries or orthopedic issues.

360° View of the Fitness Center