Nude Sauna Experience

What does that mean?

Our sauna is known as a clothing-free zone. This means that sauna visitors sauna in the nude – any swimwear is considered inappropriate. The main reason for this is hygiene, and a towel should be placed to prevent sweat from coming into direct contact with the bench.

The good news: You are not required to disrobe upon entering the sauna area. Only within our sauna cabins and steam baths is it necessary to bare it all. For those who still feel uneasy, sitting in a way that covers certain areas is perfectly acceptable. A tip for beginners: If you initially feel hesitant about being nude in the sauna, consider using a hammam towel for your first visit - this allows you to choose what you want to cover (see photo). Hammam towels are also available for purchase at the thermal spa shop in the entrance area of the Silvretta Therme.

Our Sauna Etiquette

How nude do I need to be?

One thing is clear: wearing swim trunks or a swimsuit in the sauna cabin is not acceptable. There are good reasons for sweating as unclothed as possible: the evaporation and cooling of the body would be hindered by too much fabric. For those who prefer not to expose themselves to the gaze of others, it is advisable to simply wrap a towel around certain areas (see photo on the left).

Speaking of towels: to maintain hygiene during collective sweating, the golden rule is to place a towel underneath. This ensures that the wood remains protected, as it does not come into direct contact with sweat. Additionally, it is important to quickly close the door upon entering and exiting. This helps sauna-goers prevent too much warm air from escaping

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And after the Sauna?

Rest Areas & Grill Lounge

When heading to the relaxation area after the sauna session, it's advisable not to do so in the nude. A bathrobe is appropriate for this setting. In the Grill Lounge of Silvretta Therme, the culinary hub for our sauna or combo guests, there is even a requirement to wear a bathrobe.