Physiotherapy Practice Reto Cotrotzo

One thing’s for sure: A visit to Silvretta Therme is good for your body and mind. And that’s not just because you can go swimming there or visit the sauna, surrounded by Ischgl’s stunning mountains.

Whether it’s orthopaedic or neurological problems: Professional physiotherapy can be applied in many different areas. The good news: At Ischgl’s Silvretta Therme, we offer you the luxury of an in-house physiotherapy practice.
At his modern and elegant practice, our experienced physiotherapist Reto Cotrozo will support you in maintaining and improving your mobility. A convenient extra: With a medical referral, physiotherapy costs can be billed directly to Austrian health insurance providers ÖGK, BVAEB and SVS.

In the Silvretta Therme you will find the physiotherapy practice Reto Cotrotzo (freelance physiotherapist). This means: You can also completely trust the quality of the wellness oasis in Paznaun when it comes to health matters.

Appointments are available exclusively by appointment at +43 664 115 27 27 or oder

Physiotherapy Practice Reto Cotrotzo

Focused on your health

At our state-of-the-art practice, our experienced physiotherapist Reto Cotrozo helps you to maintain and improve your mobility. Whether it’s orthopaedic problems, malpositions or abrasions: At Silvretta Therme, we offer a vast choice of physiotherapeutic treatments, massages and wellness treatments to restore and maintain your health.

Did you know? In addition to physiotherapeutic treatments, Reto Cotrozo also offers Sensopro and skillcourt training at our in-house gym.


Our offers at a glance

Physiotherapy with direct billing

  • Physiotherapy practice Reto Cotrozo (freelance physiotherapist)
  • Reto Cotrotzo has health insurance contracts with ÖGK, BVAEB & SVS
  • electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy

  • Please note: Direct billing to Austrian health insurance providers is only eligible with a medical referral by your doctor.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

A wide range of applications

Professional physiotherapy can help to maintain, improve and restore your body’s mobility and functionality. Active exercise therapy is used to treat orthopaedic as well as neurological problems.

Physiotherapy can help to …

  • … support your musculoskeletal system.
    Physiotherapy is an effective means to support recovery after bone fractures, joint surgery or joint replacements. It is also used to treat joint diseases as well as torn ligaments, tendons and muscles.

  • … preserve mobility in old age.
    With the help of fall prevention, targeted strengthening, coordination and endurance exercises as well as professional treatment of joint abrasions and overloading, you can stay fit and healthy for longer.

  • ·         … support children and adolescents in their development.
    Physiotherapy can be used to treat postural defects, obesity, developmental disorders, poor concentration and proneness to injury caused by the increasing lack of physical activity.

  • … treat neurological conditions.
    Strokes, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia and other diseases of the central and/or peripheral nervous system can be treated with the help of physiotherapy.

  • … improve the function of your heart and lungs.
    Physiotherapy combines movement training, breathing therapy and body awareness training with supporting measures such as electrotherapy and stimulation of the skin and deeper tissues, with a focus on rehabilitation.

  • … accompany cancer therapy.