Personal Training 

With Passion and Expertise Toward Your Goal

Personal training offers a customized, individual approach to your fitness goals, providing much more than a typical workout routine. Our personal training isn't just about achieving physical fitness; it's about a holistic transformation of your lifestyle.

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The Key to Lifestyle Transformation

Stefan Schank is your expert partner for a unique training experience. With his expertise in TRX, Assisted Stretching, and the innovative 2 Hand Towel Technique, he masters the art of personal training to perfection. With him, you'll experience tailor-made workouts that are unforgettable.

Stefan caters to his clients individually, offering not only outstanding training sessions but also comprehensive nutrition guidance. With his proven concept, he guarantees success, provided you commit to it.

Discover a new path to fitness and well-being with Stefan Schank. Start your journey to a healthier and more active life now!

Ready for a change?

In Stefan's own words:

As a personal trainer, I don't just guide you toward a more active life; I work closely with my clients on nutrition and health. Balanced nutrition is crucial for every workout.

As a personal trainer, I'm not just skilled in sports; I'm also an experienced advisor in nutrition. I identify the necessary changes in your diet to achieve a toned body. During my studies to become a certified sports and fitness trainer, I developed my own exercise and nutrition program. Mentally, I support my clients not only physically but also provide strength and courage during moments of self-doubt. Because it often takes many challenging months to get the body in top shape – something many fitness enthusiasts tend to overlook. It's my life's mission to accompany people on the journey to a healthy and active life. That's why I am a personal trainer driven by passion.


Cost per Session

  • One 60-minute session: 89 EUR

  • Three 60-minute sessions: 237 EUR

  • Ten sessions: 790 EUR + one complimentary Personal Training session

Optional: Nutrition counseling, to be discussed with Stefan Schank"