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Plan your visit to Tyrol’s premium spa

Whether it’s for an entire day of relaxation or a quick after-work sauna session: We have the right ticket for your visit to Ischgl’s Silvretta Therme!
In this section, you can find out about ticket types, prices and discounts and learn more about our dynamic pricing system. Our tip for you: The earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper they are. Let’s go!

Please note: You can buy tickets for future days in our webshop.
Many ticket variants are available there - with real price advantages!

Tickets for today are available at the Silvretta Therme without exception.
There you can get 4-hour tickets for the bathing world, sauna and combi as well as 90-minute tickets for the bathing world.

Tickets for your future stay

Our opening times

Information for visiting the pool and sauna area and our restaurants

Pool Area

11:00 – 23:00 hrs


14:00 – 22:30 hrs

Sauna Area

11:00 – 23:00 hrs

Fitness Area

For subscribers' access: 05:00 – 01:00 hrs

Support available from 13:00 – 21:00 hrs


14:00 – 22:00 hrs


By arrangement with Physiotherapist Reto Cotrotzo at +43 5444 606 414.


11:00 – 23:00 hrs*
*hot meals served from 11:30 to 14:00 hrs and 17:30 to 22:00 hrs


11:00 – 23:00 hrs*
*hot meals served from 11:30 to 22:00 hrs

The best deals thanks to dynamic pricing

Book in advance and save money

Have you heard of Silvretta Therme’s dynamic pricing system? The idea behind it is simple: All tickets for our pool area, sauna area and combined pool & sauna tickets are dynamically priced. This means that each day, prices are adjusted according to demand, capacity, seasonality and other factors.

In general, the earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper they are. In addition, our dynamic pricing system positively affects the overall quality of your visit, making off-season and mid-week stays more attractive.

Our dynamic pricing system in a nutshell:

  • All ticket prices are automatically adjusted every day.
  • The earlier you book your tickets in our webshop, the cheaper they are.
  • During our opening times, prices remain unchanged for the same day.
  • At Silvretta Therme’s on-site ticket counter, you can only purchase remaining tickets at the day’s current price.

Our tip: Check out our FAQ section to get more info on our dynamic pricing system.

Ticket types for Ischgl’s Silvretta Therme

Day ticket, evening ticket & more

Summer Season 2023

Available in the online shop: tickets for Pool Area, Sauna & combined Tickets (Pool Area and Sauna)

  • Morning Tickets: Entry from 11:00 a.m., exit by 2:00 p.m
  • Afternoon Tickets: Entry from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Evening Tickets: Entry from 5 p.m., exit until the end of the bathing
  • Day Tickets: Valid from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m


Available on the cash desk:

  • 4-hour-ticket für pool area, sauna oder combi (pool and sauna area): valid 4 hours from the time of admission
  • 90-miture tikets for the pool area: valid for 90 minutes from the time of admission


Additional payments: Information on fees and machines

If you use morning, afternoon, evening, day or 4-hour tickets, the additional payment is a flat rate of 6.00 EUR per 30 minutes. However, it is important to note that this additional payment does not exceed the current day ticket fare. The maximum charge is calculated daily using a dynamic pricing system and communicated at the ticket office.

For the 90-minute ticket, an additional payment fee of 9.00 EUR per 30 minutes applies, whereby a fixed maximum fee also applies here.

To save you the hassle of queuing at the ticket office when you leave the spa, there are pay-as-you-go machines at several important points in the building.

Table is scrollable animation

from 3 up to and incl. 14 years of age

Families Families receive their own special fares
Offer valid for children aged 3 - 15 accompanied by 2 adults; 
please indicate the number of children at the time of purchase
Full price:   from 15 years of age
People with disabilities:

Discount if 70 % reduction in earning capacity

  • children’s rate for the pool area
  • 50% for the sauna area
Groups:  from 20 persons 1 accompanying person free

* Children up to 3 years of age enter free when accompanied by an adult.

Book your ticket in our webshop and get the best price with guaranteed entry.

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At the Silvretta Therme Ischgl you have the option of renting towelling goods for a rental fee.

The following costs apply:

  • small towel: 5 EUR
  • large towel: 7 EUR
  • Bathrobe: 9 EUR
  • Towel package, including small and large towel & bathrobe: 18 EUR
  • Spa bag, including flip-flops, small and large towel & bathrobe: 22 EUR
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Please note: Currently, onboarding appointments for fitness subscriptions are only possible with telephone registrationat Tel. +43 5444 606 444

SUB light
  • Dayly rate: 28,00 EUR
  • monthly sub.: 56,00 EUR
Included in SUB light:
  • Training on all equipment by Milon and five
  • automatic “Onboarding” via Milon YOU
Optionale Zusatzleistungen:
  • Body analysis (SECA)              19,90 EUR
  • Skillcourt (30 min)                    19,90 EUR
  • Sensopro (20 min): 19,90 EUR

SUB pro (Preise in EUR pro Monat)
  • 3-month-sub.: 103,00
  • 6-month-sub: 93,00
  • annual sub.: 83,00


Register fee: one-off 50 Euro

Included in SUB pro:
  • Training on all equipment by Milon and five
  • Use of Sensopro (max. 20 min/day)
  • Use of Skillcourt (max. 30 min/day)
  • Individual workout plan
  • 10 % discount on Cryo & Wellsystem-treatments
  • Monthly body analysis SECA
  • every three months health-check with body analysis, vasomotor reflex test and workout plan adjustment
  • free isotonic beverages
Onboarding/enrolment including
  • Body analysis SECA
  • Vasomotor reflex test
  • Sensopro introduction
  • Strength test
  • Skillcourt test and introduction
  • body analysis SECA

If you are insured with ÖGK, BVAEB or SVS, you will receive physical therapy free of charge with a doctor's prescription. Please obtain this medical assignment from your doctor. Please inform us in advance and make an appointment. 
A private hour of physiotherapy costs 78.00 euros at the Silvretta Therme.
For physio patients, the use of the water areas and the facilities of the fitness centre are included in the treatment.

If you have any queries, the wellness team will be happy to help you by telephone on +43 5444 606 444.

The following rates are charged for using the Private Spa Suite:

  • Day use:               1.100 Euro
  • Half-day use:       630 Euro

The rate includes two combo day passes for the Silvretta spa plus one treatment on the Wellsystem-lounger or one cold therapy (Cryo). The Private Spa can be used by a maximum of 4 persons.

Table is scrollable animation
in Euro  
Cold therapy single treatment 29,90
Cold therapy block of 11 299,00
Wellsystem single treatment 20 min 19,90
Wellsystem block of 11, 20 minutes 199,00



Table is scrollable animation

You will automatically receive a cancellation insurance for presale tickets, you will receive all the necessary documents for this in your confirmation mail when you purchase the tickets, specifically: a policy from Allianz insurance.

The insurance is valid for all guests from the EU and Switzerland. People with cancellation cases from another country of origin please contact

A Cancellation of your booking is only possible due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, accident or quarantine. All cancellation reasons are fully stated in the insurance conditions.

No insurance cover is provided for damage resulting from the following events:
Impairment due to alcohol, addictive poisons or medication; damage already incurred or expected at the time of booking or commencement of the trip; civil unrest/ war events/ terror, strike, participation in violence of any kind; suicide or attempted suicide; official orders; ionizing radiation or nuclear energy; motor sport competitions; epidemics and pandemics; natural disasters; seismic phenomena or weather conditions; embargoes, economic-financial or trade sanctions; withdrawal of the organizer from the contract; planned/ contemplated medical interventions; delayed healing; spa permits; damages caused by gross negligence or intentionally.

There are no coverage restrictions, the insurer is Allianz Partners (AWP P&C S.A., branch for Austria).

The insured person is obliged to:

  • Keep the damage as low as possible and to report it immediately
  • Truthfully explain the event causing the damage and to provide full evidence of it   


The cancellation protection begins with the conclusion of the insurance contract for the booked ticket (booking confirmation) and ends with the passing of the gates in the Silvretta Therme.


Cash value cards for Ischgl‘s Silvretta Therme

Top up and go

Available only at the Silvretta Therme cashier desk

200 € purchase price

Instant discount 7.5%*


500 € purchase price

Instant discount 10%*


The ultimate Discount Offer:

1.000 € purchase price

Instant discount 12%*

Value cards are exclusively available at the cash desk of Silvretta Therme and can only be redeemed there. Double discounting is not possible.

The Silvretta Therme Ischgl value card allows for cashless payment with an instant discount. The value card is transferable, rechargeable, and has no expiration date. The SILVER Thermal Card (200 EUR) grants a 7.5%* discount, while the GOLD Thermal Card (500 EUR) offers a 10% discount*, and the PLATINUM Thermal Card (1,000 EUR) provides a 12% discount.

*on admission fees, surcharges, and consumptions
The value card cannot be used at the Trattoria of Silvretta Therme, as well as for spa treatments, fitness subscriptions and products, tips, vouchers, or in the online shop.

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